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Santana del Cardo
(El Juicio x Cezanne de Precipitado)
3/4 Colombian 1/4 P.R. - 1994 PINTO
Price: $45,000. plus breedings.

Comments: Santana is the only World (Mundial) Champion PINTO Paso Fino!!! Once you've spotted this guy's bloodlines color will take on a whole new dimension! His sire is a son of Carmin (by Resorte IV) out of a Chucuano-bred mare, his dam has pinto Pastor breeding. Not just another color horse. Santana's foals are mostly fillies. 66% pinto foals with solid colored mares. Santana's 1999 son, Degas del Cardo won RNC 2000 Breeder's Sweepstake colt.  Deceased Sept. 2005. Santana we miss you!!!
See him win the Mundial in Tampa
the only pinto to ever win at the Copa Mundial Series!
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(Cupido del Ocho x Africana)
Full Colombian Import - 1987

Quirinal del Cardo
(Capuchino x Guapa que tal)
Full Colombian - 1992

Comments: Handsome chestnut and very fino. Sired by the greatest Paso Fino show horse of them all - Capuchino. His dam, Guapa que tal, is out of the great mare Salpicada. Salpicada, also the dam of Belmonte, and several other Nat'l. Champions,was imported in 1967 from the ranch of Fabio Ochoa. Quirinal is very beautiful and a star. He was very deliberately bred to complement our herd of Belmonte-bred mares. 1993 National Champion Bellas Formas Colts and High Point in the nation. 1994 PFHA High Point Bellas Formas 1992 Colt. 1994 Georgia State Champion Bellas Formas Stallion. 1st Place Futurity Colt in Tampa 1993. 1st Place Futurity Colt in Alpharetta 1994. 1st Place Performance Futurity Colt in Ocala 1995. 1995 Champion 3 yr. old Bellas Formas Colt at the Spectrum. Quirinal's foals look outstanding, they are smarter than any other horses that I have handled. In 1997 a filly by Quirinal cashed a 3rd place check in the Breeder's Sweepstake at the PFHA Nationals. Quirinal is also the sire of 1998 RNC Bellas Formas 1 YO. filly, Ciera Guerro Castona. Miss you RB!

Romeo del Cardo

(Capuchino x Fabla que tal)
Full Colombian - 1993

Comments: Very elegant chestnut horse. Exceptional performance. Out of a daughter of Hilachas. In looks and movement the most like Resorte IV of any I've seen anywhere. Great Expectations! First foal are "lookin' good".

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Hookah del Cardo

(Santana del Cardo x Flint Oak Mai Tai)
over 3/4 Colombian - 2003
Comments: This handsome horse is the color of
"The Caterpillar's smoke" - VERY EXOTIC!!!
(Yes, from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland - Caterpillar smoking HOOKAH!)
Hookah has the sweet personality of his famous sire, Santana del Cardo (below), the only World (Mundial) Champion PINTO Paso Fino!!! Additional bloodlines: Majestuoso, Carmin, Resorte IV, El Pastor, Don Cunda, and Balonada.  Sensational foals with exotic colors. If they are not pinto they are Grulla or dun! Lines and stripes and bars, OH MY!!! We LOVE his foals!
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Excalibur del Cardo

(Africano x Mata Hari del Cardo)
Full Colombian - 2000
Comments: Fancy BLACK stallion with TOP Resorte IV bloodlines: Cupido del Ocho and the famous Performance mare, MATA HARI del Cardo. Additional bloodlines: Africano (below), Carmin, Line-bred Resorte III, Hilachas.  Excellent foals, almost all fillies. Bright future ahead!
All That Jazz
HRH All That Jazz

(Inyan x Scythia del Cardo)
Comments: Exotic leopard stallion with NC Capuchino and Hilachas bloodlines. See his grandsire, Quirinal below. Looking forward to what he produces... see him under saddle.
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El Candente

(Anfitrion del Conde x Cassandra)
Full Colombian - 1997
Comments: Capuchino, Rescate, Resorte III and IV, and Juan Juan bloodlines. Guaranteed to produce those fancy and desireable colors like palomino, buckskin, grulla. Foals are excellent and a candy shop of colors!
Super movers. SOLD! Congatulations Barbara & Jerome!!

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Comments: The quintessential "Black Stallion". Strikingly beautiful, breath-taking gait, thrilling to ride, all of the power and excitement you could want. Africano's pedigree is equally impressive. His dam is a half-sister to Festival International. His sire was our own beloved Cupido. Every male line in this horse's pedigree goes to Resorte III. Phenotypically and genotypically he is the ideal breeding stallion because while he is heavily line-bred, his co-efficient of in-breeding is low. This makes him suitable even for line-bred Resorte IV mares. As a yearling , Africano was Reserve Champion at the "Copa Mundial" and was sold for $80,000. Produces mostly fillies, and lots of black. In 1997 a filly by Africano cashed a 5th place check in the Breeder's Sweepstake at the PFHA Nationals. In 1999 an Africano filly cashed a 4th place check in the Breeder's Sweepstake at the PFHA Nationals.